Neat News - Neat things do happen

What are these pages about?

At times news can be depressing since good things often grow slowly and/or are not as spectacular as bad things; hence they do not feature much in the daily news. Still a lot of neat things happen, most people are nice, and many do good. Neat News tries to collect evidence for the positive. Obviously there can be disagreement about what constitutes good news and there is always a grain of subjectivity in the evaluation. However, for a number of issues there seems to be widespread agreement, e.g., when environmental work shows success, when the fight against an illness shows progress, when human rights are respected. These are all examples of `neat news'. For other news there may be more disagreement of whether it is good or not. For instance, in an election, often a large number of people do not consider the fact that the winner won as good news. Whether the news was neat may be decided only by historians many years later. Such news would typically not be included in these pages.